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What Does A General Dentist Do?

General dentists are primary dental care providers who offer a wide range of services to help patients maintain good oral hygiene and address common dental issues.

A general dentist conducts visual examinations and assesses the health of teeth and gums, performs comprehensive evaluations, provides treatment for sleep apnea, applies tooth sealants, performs minor dental procedures including cavity removal, root canals, and dental crowns, and provides dental cleanings.

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What Is A General Dentist?

General dentists offer a broad spectrum of dental treatments and procedures, ranging from dental checkups and cleanings to restorative treatments. They often provide oral care for individuals of all ages and are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage various oral health issues. 

After their undergraduate education, general dentists typically complete a four-year program at an accredited dental school. Some may pursue additional training in specific areas of dentistry.

What Services Can A General Dentist Provide?

General dentists play a crucial role in maintaining oral health by offering comprehensive services that address various aspects of dental care. Here are key areas of essential general dentistry services

1. Preventive Services

General dentists concentrate on Preventive dental care to support your overall oral well-being. This involves routine examinations and diagnostic imaging (such as X-rays. They offer guidance on enhancing at-home oral hygiene practices and suggest preventive interventions like dental sealants.

2. Restorative Services

When dental problems emerge, general dentists guarantee prompt and suitable intervention. Standard restorative dentistry involves the extraction of tooth decay and the application of fillings. They also manage dental injuries like fractured or dislodged teeth. 

General dentists also identify and manage toothache and gum diseases and provide affordable remedies for missing teeth, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

3. Cosmetic Procedures

Numerous general dentists provide cosmetic treatments to improve your smile’s aesthetics. These may encompass teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and applying porcelain veneers.

4. Overall Health Concerns

General dentists understand the correlation between oral health and overall health. For instance, unaddressed oral infections may affect conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. General dentists also conduct oral cancer screenings as part of routine check-ups. 

When required, general dentists can provide suitable treatment or make referrals. Regular checkups with a dentist are essential for maintaining optimal oral health and preventing more serious dental problems.

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