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All-On-4 dental implants are a type of full mouth restoration that involves placing four to six implants into the top and bottom of the jaw. Instead of using individual implants at each point where you may be missing teeth, only four implants are required to hold the full arches in place. This type of dental implant placement does not require as much bone density as individual implants to hold the artificial teeth in place.

Regain your smile immediately by speaking with us about the Dallas All-On-4 dental implants. Affordable Implant Choice Center offers high-quality dental implants to restore the functionality of your mouth. Our certified dental implant specialist creates individualized treatment plans that are tailored to your needs.

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What are all-on-4 dental implants?

All-on-4 implants are also referred to as complete arch implants. They comprise four titanium screw posts linked to a denture plate and inserted into the jawbone at specified intervals along the bridge.

The restoration uses both straight and inclined multi-unit implant roots. The technique is intended to replace a whole arch of teeth in order to improve your smile’s look and biting performance.

All-on-4 dental implants in Dallas only require a small procedure, unlike traditional implants. Because your dentist may place the titanium posts in the highest-density area of the jaw, they don’t need bone grafts to keep the implants stable. You can get a new smile and improved mouth function with shorter chair time and faster healing.

How long does it take to get all-on-4 dental implants?

The entire process, from implant placement to denture fitting, may be finished in a single session. This short process lets you leave the office with a fresh smile the same day.

Full-mouth dental implants in Dallas, TX, could take longer if you need to have bone or gum grafting done before the implant insertion.

Alternatively, your implant might be inserted and then allowed to heal over the course of many months. An anchor will be attached to the implant to hold your prosthetic teeth firmly in place. A dental bridge will be fitted and created to look like your own teeth.

Simply put, the length of your operation depends on your treatment plan.

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What can you eat after All-on-4 dental implants?

You should follow a soft food and liquid-based diet for the initial few weeks post-surgery.

Avoid any foods that can cause harm to your implants or affect your recovery.

Am I a candidate for All-on-4 dental implants?

Since this technique involves full-arch prostheses, the best candidates for Dallas all-on-four dental implants have the majority or all teeth missing on one or both arches.

You should have sufficient jawbone density and gum tissue to withstand the force of the all-on-4 dental implants during chewing.

You might not be a suitable candidate if you are a smoker. Smokers have a failure risk for dental implants that is twice as high as nonsmokers. Quitting smoking now could increase your chances of finding success with all-on-four dental implants.

Regain Your Smile with a Specialized All-On-4 Dental Implant Dentist

We have the best and most specialized dentist for All-On-4 implants at Implant Choice Center. We provide the most affordable method of getting a long-lasting, attractive, and useful smile.

Our qualified all-on-4 dental implant dentist makes the best efforts to ensure the procedure is successful. Our experienced dentist performs the initial diagnosis in the quickest, least intrusive, and most precise manner possible. All you have to do is relax on the chair while we remain committed to treating you best.

Patients never leave our office on the day of the treatment without teeth; it takes a single day. We specialize in all dental implants along with exceptional All-On-4 implants.

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